Hiperlink to the files in hard drive

Is it possible to link a hyperlink to a file on your hard drive, such as a Word file or a page in OneNote 2016, so that you can access it with just a click?

Yes, you will find details on how to do this in the user manual, in §4.6, Creating Hyperlinks to Files.

Note that with file types Scapple doesn’t import from (anything other than most image formats and text files), you can also just drag and drop the file into the board to create a link to it automatically.

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Wow, I never new this, fantastic, thanks

Yeah, now combine that idea with dragging Scapple files into a board. Everyone asking for “project managers” and “notebook sidebars” should consider that you can organise your Scapple documents with Scapple!

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Thank you so much for your informations!