Hiring a scrivener consultant

I’m on a MacBook Pro running Sonoma. Scrivener is installed and working. My troubles have to do syncing, Dropbox and my iPad Pro. I have read instructions everywhere and three hours in, have to conclude that I need to hire a Scrivener expert to get this set up so I can be sure my documents are synced.

Is there a way to find someone through this forum? Please advise

What you need is mostly someone who knows Dropbox well. That’s where it all happens.
Scrivener has little to do with it.

But yes, likely you can find someone to guide you here.
Perhaps (likely) the forum members can provide the answers you need, should you formulate questions. (No need to “hire” someone. – Although you may very well.)

There are complete detailed instructions somewhere… I personally don’t know where (I don’t sync), but @Kewms knows for sure.

Thanks, Vincent_Vincent. I’ll keep an eye out for @Kewms

She can be expected to show up in this thread eventually, if she can help.

Meanwhile, have you checked the manual? Perhaps it is explained enough there?

Here’s an L&L article from the knowledgebase: Dropbox Syncing with iOS / iOS / Knowledge Base - Literature and Latte Support (tenderapp.com)


Kevitec’s link is good. There’s also a quick troubleshooting guide here:

Could you explain what’s happening in a bit more detail? “Doesn’t work” doesn’t give potential helpers much to go on.

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My first impulse here is to provide you with evidence of my computer skills and education (because I cannot figure how this could go on for so long and be so confusing). But nevermind.

I’m not sure I can explain, but I’ll try.
Scrivener and Dropbox both installed on my MacBook Pro and on my iPad, all up to date program software.
The idea was to make a large project accessible to me on the iPad. So I setup a Dropbox home for the project (renamed more than once, but most currently Waverly3D.
I put a folder in under Dropbox, which was supposed to be (I thought) where my project files would live.
It’s a big project and DB took pretty much overnight to upload everything.
Note: there are two or maybe three copies of the big Scrivener project file (I’ll attach a screenshot if that’s allowed). How did I end up cloning the portfolio? I do not know except I was (trying) to follow the instructions for hooking up Procreate on the laptop to dropbox.I was warned a couple times that my locations were potential trouble, and at that point I set up a second folder that I put into the spot DB had indicated.

This is so unbelievably messed up - some things can only be seen in one folder, others are completely AWOL. If it hadn’t taken all night to upload almost 3000 notes, I would not hesitate to wipe my drobox files/folders clean and start over again, step by step, using the detailed tutorial you’ve pointed out. As there doesn’t seem to be anybody who can be hired to solve this mess, I think I will have to do this. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time anymore than I have already

I would recommend creating a small test project and testing to see if it syncs correctly.

If it doesn’t, check your account at dropbox.com to see if the test project appears there. That will help determine whether the problem is between your Mac and the Dropbox server, or between the server and your iPad.