Historical Timeline Software

I am writing about the English civil war and the sheer amount of time sensitive information is overwhelming. I like a graphical interface but am not making it for a class room so I don’t need to insert pictures etc; just lot’s of lifelines with events. I’ve looked at quite a few. Smartdraw very versatile but only goes back to 1971. Many others either fill too quickly or won’t allow timelines or events to be moved. Some are incredibly expensive but just don’t deliver the flexibility expected at the price. Any suggestions please?

I use Timeline 3D and have generally been pleased with it. I make multiple timelines for display purposes on screen.

The op seems to be a Windows user, so Timeline would be no use (unless they’ve suddenly brought out a Windows version, which I don’t think is the case).


Sorry - should have mentioned I’m on windows. Should also say I travel a lot and work on the move (especially when flying) so a web based program doesn’t work for me. One of the (many) great things about Scrivener is being able to carry the files around on a USB. I’d like the same functionality on timeline soiftware. P

So much for my 5600 miles of driving this month and lack of sleep. I didn’t catch that it was a Windows question. Sorry for the confusion. I think I’ll go back to sleep.

We “oldies” who go back to 2007 are used to this being a Mac-only forum. It takes some adjustment to remember there are people from the “other side” now stalking the threads :wink:


Before I switched to OS X and fell in love with Aeon Timeline, I was using The Timeline Project. It’s pretty basic, but relatively flexible, and free.


Not only windows but foreign:) I did try Timeline project but found I couldn’t reposition events vertically, only horizontally. I needed to be able to move the lifelines around as I found new realtionships between people. Not only that, periods will sometimes reposition themselves if you change period length. Infuriating. Don’t mind paying if I get the features.

Now, foreign we can cope with (except for Americans, who cause all sorts of problems :wink: ) – we even command several languages between us. Windows is more difficult though – a real mystery.