Home by Marilynne Robinson

Having read this book, I am almost spoiled for anything else. The subtlety of her language and her amazing way of dealing with human relationships. The way she pulls you in. What a breathtaking work of art. :wink:

I loved it as well, although I never recommend it to people because it is so different and I worry that most people won’t give it a chance to grow on them.

I had a math class a million years ago where the instructor talked about the “log world” of logarithms and how you had to be in that space. Home is like that, you have to be in that space, and once you are there the world is wonderful.

Another book that was a log world was Hanta Yo by Ruth Beebee Hill. It case a spell over me, but I was never able to reread it.

I believe Home is a companion work to Gilead, written from the prodigal son, Jack Boughton’s point of view. Gilead focusses on his father, the preacher. I have Home on my bookshelf, on the “to read” list, but if it’s half as good as Gilead, I am looking forward to it. She is a truly brilliant writer.