Hopefully, developers can add complex searches to the search box

For example, I set a number of roles. In the customized data, the options are gender, age, height and weight.I needed to find a man, 50 years old, 170cm, 120kg, from a number of roles, and I couldn’t do it in today’s search mode because a search could only search one of them at a time.
Therefore, I hope that developers can add the function of plural search.

It is not yet implemented in the Windows 3 beta, but once they get Corkboard/Outliner filtering completed, that will help quite a lot, in that you can establish one criteria using Project Search, load the results of that into the editor view, and then filter by additional criteria within that view.

There are two other features that will be added to Project Search that will help:

  • Better custom metadata field selection. Right now all of custom metadata is collectively considered one thing. You will be able to specify which field to search within, instead.
  • The ability to select multiple areas to search within, rather than just one. In conjunction with the All Words operator, you will get exactly what you want here. You can select all three metrics as axes, and then type in “50 170 120”. Of course you might get some cases where the person is 170kg and 120cm tall, but sometime search is more about thinning the chaff than isolating perfect samples.

Lastly, there is a technique you can use right now, but it will be a bit cumbersome for what you are doing specifically, since you have more than two criteria to search for (but maybe two out of three would suffice to again, thin the chaff so to speak). It is described in this fairly recent thread. Using the “Binder Selection Only” search option means you can define what is searched within obviously, and if the result of that selection is formed by a previously run search, that is then a dual-criteria search. Of course you can keep going, narrowing things down further. Overall it’s probably a method better suited for the use case in that other thread though, but something to keep in mind as an option.