horizontal dotted line

I’ve been using Scrivener for three years or so. Suddenly, in the page area where I write, there is a horizontal dotted line. I looked under “view” and tried turning off and on the header and footer, but it didn’t change–the dotted line is still there. Is this new? Why is it there? Can I turn it off? I find it distracting.

Are you in a scrivenings session view, or a multiple scene view? Dotted lines in these cases are standard functionality.

Just the regular view: Binder on the left, big text window. It’s not in any of my previous chapters, but suddenly, I started a new page for the next chapter, and boom! horizontal dotted line.
Thanks for responding to me. I hope we can figure this out.

If you are writing directly in the Folder, the line is there. If you first create a Text document within the Folder and write there, no line.

Got it! Thank you. I looked in the binder, and the symbol looked different. I copied my material and tried creating a document. This time it worked and no dotted line. Thank you for helping me.

Just a quick general point here — hope you don’t mind.

Scrivenings (multiple documents — even non-contiguous noes — scrunched into a temporary ‘virtual’ document) are one of Scrivener’s most fundamental and useful features — they’re a large part of what makes the program so much more useful than Word and the word processors.

If you’ve not come across them after using the program for three years, then you may also be missing many of the other features which can really help you. It may be worth looking at the Interactive Tutorial (on the Help menu) to get an overview of what features are available. You certainly won’t need all the features it describes (no-one does), but for the sake of an hour or two you will get a good grasp of what is offered — the ‘value-added’ part of Scrivener which makes it stand out, if you like.

Apologies if I’ve misread this, but from your posts, I thought it may be helpful.