horizontal line in title prefix

I would like to add a horizontal line in my chapter title prefix (just like the scrivener manual) and can’t find anything in the manual or forums to help me. Is there a code or something I can use to add a horizontal line to the prefix?

There isn’t a specific code for adding a line, but what you can do is use a simple graphic file that is only 1 pixel large, and then stretch it. There is a text code you can type in to print an image and adjust its size, and this code can be placed in the Prefix or Suffix fields since it is just text. An applied example:

  1. Create a file using Acorn, Photoshop or something similar that is 1px x 1px, and colour it black (I have attached an example dot file you can use if you do not have a graphics editor).
  2. Save the file, for example, ‘blackdot.jpg’, and drop this file somewhere in the Binder.
  3. Open the Compile settings and click on the Formatting pane and select the item icon that will be used for your chapter titles.

Click the [b]Section Layout[/b] button and type something like the following into the Prefix or Suffix field, adding a carriage return where necessary, to offset it from the text:


You may have to experiment a bit to get the width right.

[size=80]An example screenshot of the Prefix field with the preview below it.[/size]

(Note there is a small bug whereby if you format the prefix/title in the mock editor the graphic will disappear. Just reload the Section Layout sheet to make it re-appear.)