Horizontal line shortcut [Windows]

I found a post about this for the Mac version, but it’s instructions didn’t seem to apply for the windows version.

There appears to be no listing for horizontal line in any keyboard shortcut options nor does there appear to be a system shortcut/hotkey for it.

There is none. As of yet.
At this point in the Windows version development, not all menu functions can be assigned a shortcut.
If I remember well, it is planned that one day all of them will.

You can use Alt + i,h,(p) → (P or C or S)

Thank you, it was certainly a pain. for some reason scriverner ignores alt keys on the second use, even if it’s been quite a while. So I made an AHK script that did Alt+I, h,s but it would only work every other time I used it. So it would rotate between a horizontal line and just typing “hs”

For anyone else who might wonder by I made the AHK so it hits I twice and that seems to always work.

send, {alt down}ii{alt up}
sleep, 100
send, h
send, s

Perhaps that is why it doesn’t work every time for you :
When running Alt+ macros, whatever you do, don’t touch your mouse until it is done.

Also, I am a bit confused by this:

You are only suppose to hit ALT once, and hold it throughout.

If you hit Alt once and nothing else, the menu will remain in its “waiting” state. Second ALT would toggle it out of it.