Horizontal navigation arrows returning cursor to same position in text file

[I have searched for this problem, but I think all similar-ish problems relate to previous editions of Scrivener.]

The horizontal Next/Previous navigation arrows…
Work fine, except for one particular document (text file) where the cursor always returns to one particular position.
With all other files (and this file before the problem started) the cursor returns to the position where I was last working.
This is what I want it to do, as with this particular document I am working through the progression of a sub-plot, and it breaks my train of thought if every time I go back I have to then scroll down the file to where I last was.

I was going to try deleting the editor history as suggested in other posts, but following Navigate/Editor, Clear Document History is greyed out.

Can anyone help (ideally without trying to be clever at my expense. I have ADD and the churned-up feeling lasts for hours, which can ruin a whole day’s creative work)? Thanks

Remember once you clear document history, like surfing history in the browser, you are at a blank slate. Just try going to file you want to refer to and then can go back and forth as needed. If still a problem and have a two or three monitor set up then open a key file in a quick reference panel and is available to look at . if not in windows 11 when open several quick reference panels when hover mouse over scrivener icon in taskbar see all the windows of the program open including the QRP’s and can click on the one I want.

A temporary workaround is obviously to copy the text (and Inspector information) into a new text file, and delete the one that isn’t working correctly.

Still have no idea how I caused it (assuming I did) but trying to fix it is perhaps disproportionate, compared with the 2 mins the workaround took.

It worked, by the way, so it was definitely linked to that particular file, not to any more generic settings.

glad you got it fixed. sometimes something can get corrupted perhaps by autosav?

Is it a file, or a folder? Does it have subdocuments? Is the view mode document or scrivenings?

  1. File
  2. No sub documents
  3. Don’t know. I’ve deleted it. But if by ‘Scrivenings mode’ you mean where I can click to see multiple sections of one folder, then it will have been ‘document’, because it didn’t have (and nor was it part of) any sub-documents.

The last known cursor position or text selection is stored in the main binder file of the project, looking something like this:


That indicates the cursor is 1,487 characters into the text, with no width (no selection).

I’ve never seen a live case of this actually happening, but if the cursor position is “stuck” in one section, to the wrong place, then maybe something went wrong with how that information is saved that prevented future updates.

As it sounds like the condition is no longer present, it will probably be hard to trace down exactly what happened at this point, though.

If it happens again, I’ll hang onto the file for investigation purposes

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