Horrible Typing lag


In some Scapple documents, somewhat large but not that big, I can type fine but as soon as I type more than one line, typing gets very slow, maybe 2 characters per second.

Then if I deselect the text box, and type again, typing’s fine till it gets to a new line - and then, horrible lag again.

Basically, I can only type one line at a time.

It’s making Scapple quite unusable on the affected documents… I’ve had this problem a few times before, but this time it makes it impossible to use that document.

Any help?


  • Mac OS X 10.9.2
  • The affected file is “somewhat large” files: ~50 text boxes, some ~100 lines) and ~15 background shapes (total file size is ~150kbytes, no images in it)

I resolved my keyboard lag problems with Topher Kessler’s advice:

cnet.com/news/fix-keyboard-i … y-in-os-x/

I had the same issue: smooth typing for one line, and then painful lag once the text wraps around to a second line. And it was definitely about lines, not characters: if I stretched out the text box to be wider, I was able to type comfortably to the end of the first (longer) line, but then saw the lag on the second line.

The keyboard steps Hov linked to didn’t help me, but copying and pasting all my content into a fresh file worked.

UPDATE: the problem recurred in the new file the next day. :frowning:

I found that the folder holding the scrivener files was nested several layers too deep in my file tree. When I moved the actual scrivener file and all the surrounding files ( you need to move everything together!!) closer to the top-level folder, the lag stopped. I wonder if Scrivener was spending too much time finding the location of the file which may have caused lag? Anyhoo, it worked for me.