Hot Marketing Scrivener Button

Hi Keith,

Here is a marketing tool I thought you might like to employ. It is a button that we can put into our blogs, web sites emails etc.

I would be happy to pop it here and there - particularly in Writers Guild emails.

This is some sample code - Just substitute whatever Scrivener stuff you want on a hot button.

Copy and paste the code below into your website, blog or anywhere you like.

Sample code deleted since Keith did a much better job with the new spiffy Scrivener button.

Thanks Lord Lightning. I’ve had several requests for things like this, and it’s silly that I still haven’t got around to it given that it’s free marketing. I’ll try to put something together this week.


On a slightly similar note: have you ever thought about an affiliate scheme as a marketing tool? I put a Scrivener ad on my blog/web site etc, and all sales that result from that link earn me some money… Like Amazon affiliates, etc, usw and so on. Given the fanatical devotion of your Scriveneers, you’d probably get loads of linkage and promotion.

The only problem I can think of (apart from the admin) is that you don’t charge enough to make it possible to hand out loads of 10% chunks… :wink: Another good reason to charge more!


An affiliate scheme would be a good idea but unfortunately we couldn’t afford to pay much - certainly nowhere near 10% (11-15% is already taken by eSellerate, though it’s well-earned). Unfortunately, it’s not easy to set up, either. eSellerate actually make it easy, but it would have to link through directly to the store (so that eSellerate can see where the referral comes from - so you can’t just link to the Scrivener page). This isn’t very good, because who is going to click on a button and buy straight from the store straight away? They would need to go through the web page first - but that doesn’t work for getting affiliate information.

For those who would like to spread the word about Scrivener without remuneration for the time being, though, I have put together a small badge (I’ll add more later) in two sizes.

The standard one can be added by adding this HTML code to your blog or website:

<a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="Scrivener for OS X"></a>

It looks like this:

The slightly smaller version can be added using this HTML code:

<a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="Scrivener for OS X"></a>

It looks like this:

Thanks and all the best,

Oh, Yes!

This is just excellent, Keith.

It will appear everywhere.


That eSellerate thing doesn’t help much. And I quite understand your not wanting to have chunks taken out of your modest cash flow. I quoted 10% because that’s what I get from a local book site (not Amazon) - and it works well enough to cover blog hosting plus a bit.

I like the buttons. For readers who perhaps might not understand what a scrivener is, perhaps you could do a version with “Words arranged by…” or “Real writers recommend…” You can have that last one FOC… :wink: