Hotkeys for Highlight Current Line and Remove All Revisions

Hello. This is a simple ask, and it would really help me out. I find navigating the drop down menus to be confusing. I only use a few of Scrivener’s fancier features, and I forget where they are.

I have the Windows version, and if these hotkeys already exist, I could not find them in the options. I guess I’m also asking for ‘Highlight Current Line’ to be like a toggle rather than a permanent setting.

You are correct, there’s no hotkey for either of these.

On Windows Scrivener Remove all revisions is accessible via keyboard shortcut Alt + R + R + A, which isn’t so bad. :nerd_face: (I tried to think up a memory aid for this involving a pirate - argh argh - but I’m too tired!)

But Highlight current line is not a menu option, it’s a setting.

There’s one setting for the Main Editor (File > Options > Appearance > Main Editor > Options > Highlight current line) and another setting for Composition Mode (File > Options > Appearance > Composition Mode > Options > Highlight current line).

Since L&L consider these settings, I highly doubt they’ll make a hotkey available for them. :pouting_cat:

Theoretically you could program a third party macro tool to change the setting via a hotkey, depending on how motivated you are. A Windows tool for this would be AutoHotKey.


Thanks! I’ll take a look at that autohotkey program.