How best to share a draft with 1 friend?

I’d like to export a portion of my work to a friend who I rely on as an editor at times. I would like to share it somewhere and wonder if there’s a platform that allows for this.
I can paste it as a Google doc as one way.
Can I accomplish this in medium or elsewhere?
Thanks for your advice!

Why not just send them an email?

You can use Compile to get your manuscript out of Scrivener into whatever format your friend prefers.

You can just File > Export selected files or File > Sync > Sync to External folder. When your friend doesn’t change the RTF Format, you can Sync the changes back to Scrivener.

As others have suggested you can export it to whatever format your friend prefers to edit it in, and then share the file on DropBox. If he edits it in RTF you can import the file back into Scrivener and work on it more. That is what I would do. It of course depends on how much editing was done. Was it just cosmetic or radical surgery.

My personal philosophy is that since I asked for that then I am willing to accept at least 80% of the suggestions if not more.

To elaborate on the other comments, it all depends on what your friend wants. Scrivener can do most only reasonable thing. And depends on what you want back.

  • For my sophisticated friends, I send them a Word docx file and ask them to turn on revision marks for any edits/comments. Then they send back. I either put the changes into my source by hand (reading the changes), or I accept the changes and copy/paste (carefully) into the source.

  • For my unsophisticated friends, I send them a PDF. This way they can’t mess up my great work. I ask them print and then mark up any changes on the paper. The scan/email or send via post that marked-up document.

Both the docx and pdf files are created by Scrivener compile process.

Keeping things simple while meeting needs of both the friend and you is the key. It’s not really a techy thing.