How can autocorrect unlearn?

I am using Scrivener 3 on MacOs. How can I remove a specific substitution from autocorrect? Is there a master list tucked away somewhere?

I am writing about an organisation called XYZ. When I refer to the organisation with a definite article, the ‘T’ in ‘the’ is automatically capitalized.
I want to write: ‘He served for five years with the XYZ.’ Auto-correct/substitution converts it to: ‘He served for five years with The XYZ’.

I know can use escape or hit command-Z but it is extremely frustrating to have to do that because it breaks my flow.

(tech note: i am nearly tech-illiterate. a dummy’s guide would be appreciate and someday, somewhere rewarded with a real latte)

Hi! There is a list of autocorrect: in the options menu (file>options), select ‘corrections’ and then, at the bottom there must be a button for ‘edit substitutions’ (I’m assuming you have the ‘enable additional substitutions’ checked). If what is happening to you is an unwanted additional substitution, it must be in there, then you just have to delete it :blush:
Hope it helps :heart:

Oh, and also, there is a Scrivener tutorial in the app itself, have you checked it out? It’s pretty long, but it explains everything about the program. When you open a new project, it should give you an option to create a ‘tutorial’, which is, precisely, a scrivener project with everything explained inside.
If you can’t find something in there, there are always these forums :wink:

Hi Ainoa,

Thanks for your response. I am using a MacOS (Monterey–I am finicky about updates), so I went to Preferences to double-check after your comment. (I think the File>Options menu is probably in windows and not in the mac version I am using). Under Preferences>Corrections, the options you mention are not there. There is a tab for System Text Preferences but that did not reveal this specific autocorrect that I mentioned. System Text Preferences is bare except for three that I had added to an earlier Mac a decade ago.

Is there a similar solution for MacOS?

What I do is open the file named below in a text edit and remove unwanted words in the Local Dictionary. I don’t know if same in your old version of MacOS.


Go to Project Settings:

… and Auto-Complete:

I think some of you confused auto-complete and auto-correct.
The words you told Scrivener to learn are here :
(Snapshot is from the Windows version.)

And, by the way, auto-complete shows up as a popup. Unless there is a way to bypass it entirely (and that I am unaware of), if you don’t get that popup, then the correction is not coming from auto-complete.
If, on the other hand, you do get the suggestion popup, then @drmajorbob instructions are accurate.
Remove the wrong word / set of words from the list, or, hit escape or keep typing when you don’t want the auto-completion to occur.
But technically, you’d have to confirm the auto-completion by pressing enter. So I am pretty sure that this is not your actual situation.

Could be a substitution as @Ainoa pointed out, but that would imply that you intentionally configured Scrivener to do so. (And then forgot about it ?)

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Thanks, this was helpful to see other words I had added but wasn’t a solution to the problem I wrote here.

MacOS looks very different to that

I looked and there is a popup (so it could be ‘auto-complete’) but the program doesn’t wait for me to hit enter. It changes the capitalisation of t in ‘the XYZ’ to ‘The XYZ’ if I keep typing. I am going to tinker under the hood with @drmajorbob 's suggestion and revert with what comes up.

(and thanks everyone, this is a really helpful forum.)