How can I add chapter text to footer on every page in Compile?

How can I add the chapter text to the footer on every page in compile automatically? This is my first compiled project, so the learning curve feels very steep.

I am on Mac if that matters.

Thanks, Scott

Welcome to the forums, systamper!

Headers and footers are handled in the extended compile settings, which you can access by double-clicking on the compile format you’re using and choosing “Duplicate & Edit Format” (or “Edit Format”, if the format has already been duplicated). You’ll want to go in under Page Settings > Header & Footer Text.

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by “chapter text” in the footer, but if you choose List of All Placeholders from the Help menu, you’ll see all of the different placeholder tags available. If you wanted the author name in the bottom left of the page, for instance, you would put the <$author> tag in the far left footer box and that tag would be replaced by the author’s name during compile.

If you could clarify what you mean by chapter text, I might be able to advise on what tag you should be using to achieve your desired result.

Thanks for the reply! I want to show the chapter title on each page. E.g. “Ch 3 - Chapter Title”. Can I do so with the technique you describe?

Caveat: I am on Scrivener 3.1 on Windows.
Use this placeholder on the Main Body page settings: <$sectiontitle> It will put the Chapter “title”, as seen in the Editor, into the header. Note: a chapter is one kind of section, front matter is another kind, etc… I assume this works on the footer also. I have only used it to print the Chapter title on the header line.
Ironically, it is not listed in the “List of all Placeholders”. I’m new here, not sure where to report bugs. I assume that this placeholder is supported, since it is intuitive once you understand that a chapter is a type of section. I believe I found the <$sectiontitle> placeholder in one of the Mac videos about the Compile feature. They are done well (note: you can speed up the speech in the video settings).


When I try to perform this action on my Scrivener, which is running on Linux. It ends up crashing and closing the application without any message. I even created a topic here on the forum to find a solution, if you know what it can be, I’m grateful.

For those of us with a Mac, Scrivener version 3.2.3, using the LaTeX (Memoir Book) Project Format, is there a way to use <$sectiontitle> to put the Chapter “title” into the header?


The <$sectiontitle> tag has been deprecated on Mac and Windows, but is still supported for backwards compatibility if need be. It’s advised to use <$pageGroupTitle> or <$pageGroupParentTitle> (which are listed in the the List of All Placeholders).


Yes, assuming each chapter in the Binder is titled with “Ch # - Chapter Title”, you’ll just need to put the tag in the header (<$pageGroupTitle> or <$pageGroupParentTitle> depending on how your Binder is organized - see Help > List of All Placeholders for the differences between these two tags).

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