How can I add functions to the menu or tool bar?

For example, I would like to have the storyboard and a link to my characters visible up there, so that I can see this with one click.

I might add that I followed the Scrivener tutorial. I clicked on View but I don’t find any command that says customize toolbar. This is very frustrating. :frowning:

I found it under Options now, but I still can’t pin an icon of for example the corkboard to my main tool bar. I DON’T FIND THE ICONS.

Try Tools>Customize Toolbars then select Format or Main Toolbars on right.
Icons will appear for your perusal.
The Corkboard Icon is already on the Toolbar near the center with the other editing views.


Thanks, Jim, but all I am seeing are the few icons that ARE ALREADY on my tool bar.

I would like to find access to this here: … oolbar.png

But find no link to get there.

Also, how can I add the SAVE button to the toolbar?

I’m afraid you can’t. The screenshot mentioned above is from the MAC version (the post containing the screenshot is from 2009 even). In Windows (mind this very post here is in the Windows section) you have exactly:

these options for the Format Toolbar:

and these for the Main Toolbar:

and that’s it.


I have the same problem but I don´t see ANY of the Icons in “customise toolbar”. When I click on > Customize toolbar > Format Toolbar there are NO icons there. Not one. Only the separators. Please help, I really need the icons for strikethrough, back and forward!!

I use the current version of the beta for windows.

Thank you.

Then you should post in the beta forum, instead of answering a four year old thread.

I’m on beta and Customize Toolbars works for me.

If you want the devs to see this, do as Lunk suggested and post it in the beta forum. And uploading a screenshot would be helpful.