How Can I Change Default Project Location?

I want to compile my projects in one folder in my Documents folder. Scrivener wants to scatter my projects throughout my Documents folder. Keeping all my projects in a single folder would make backing-up much easier, particularly when I do online backups and I need to limit the amount of data I transfer.

I cannot find a preference setting nor a reference in the user guide for changing the default location for projects. Is there a way to do this?

This is done the same way as with any other program - Scrivener doesn’t choose the Documents folder, you do. :slight_smile: When you create a new project via File > New Project, Scrivener gives you the choice of where you want to save it. The Documents folder is the default save location. Choose to save somewhere else, and the next time you use File > New Project, the last location you selected will be the default location for the new project. For existing projects, just move them to wherever you want using the Finder, as you would with any other file.
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Thanks Keith.