How can I customize my corkboard?

I am creating a storyboard corkboard in my project (a science fiction novel) and I would like to be able to drag and drop new notecards to a new column, but the drag and drop feature seems to only allow users to move notecards between rows or columns that are already created.

But for my storyboard, I have a preset number of rows and columns already in mind. I don’t want to have to duplicate blank notecards just so I can move written/filled-in notecards to the rows and columns I want to move them in.

To show what I am talking about, I provided a screenshot here, as an attachment. I want a second column to the right of the Scene notecard, with the five plot points of plot line (exposition through climax) in descending order, instead of as a row the way they are now.

So my question is, how can I create customized rows and columns of notecards on corkboards without having to fill them up with blank notecards, first? Thank you, for anyone who can help.

I don’t think you can on the current version of Windows Scrivener, but in Version 3, which is in late Beta (and on the Mac), you can have ‘Freeform Corkboards’ where you can place the cards within a folder anywhere you like (and if you want, commit that new order back to the binder).

[attachment=0]Screenshot 2021-03-15 at 10.30.51.png[/attachment]

The beta is free to download and many people are using it for ‘real’ work (but as always, it’s a beta, so make your own judgement).


OMG! :smiley:

I use Scrivener on my PC (Windows 10). The sooner this beta gets polished and ready for release for full, serious usage, the better. :slight_smile:

My collaborator has been using the Scrivener v. 3 betas for “full, serious use” since mid-2018 or a bit earlier.


I’ve been using the beta versions for quite a while now for ‘full, serious usage’ 8)

Hmmm … in that case, I might take the plunge myself. :slight_smile: