How can I format the text with "strike through"?

How can I format the text with “strike through”?

How can I format the text with “strike through”?

Select some text, then on the formatting toolbar look for a struck-through S next to the underline control.


It’s also on Format > Font > Strikethrough . Developers please note that Strikethrough does not use the same icon on the menu as on the toolbar; Bold, Italic, and Underline do.


Rgds – Jerome

Thank you very much, Jerome.

I could not find such an icon:

Is there a manner to add it?

Ah yes, found it now in the menu, do not know why I missed it, may be because the icon is missing.

Many thanks again

If you use strikethrough as frequently as I do, you can add it to the the Format Toolbar via Tools > Customize Toolbars.

Thank you very much, JimRac.

Oops, I should have known that, yes, done.

Many thanks again