How can I get Bullet point indenting the way I want

I like the way bullets are in OneNote, for example:


In Scrivener, they are not indented/tabbed in automatically:


It drives me nuts having them left-aligned and not sitting indented by default. How can I emulate that automatically tabbed-in behavior in Scrivener, or set a new Preset or something so bullets always show indented instead of aligned at the very left edge? Sorry Iā€™m bad with the terminology/formatting :slight_smile:

Iā€™m with you. Coming from a Word background, I commonly use bullets to jot down some quick thoughts.

I have not found a solution and am interested to hear if others have solved this (seems like a bug to me)?

My workaround is to set the Left tab stops where I want them, tab to the column position, and use ā€œā€“ā€ as my bullets.