How can I "grab" a chunk of non-text from a PDF?

Forgive me if this is answered, but after an hour with tutoria lvideos and Forum scrolling, I’m still confused.
I am taking notes about a PDF I am reading by opening the PDF file and my own Draft page in a double pane. That way, I can also highlight and drag-and-drop sentences from the PDF essay to my own work. Note: I am not annotating the PDF, nor do I want to. If I did, I would use Skim. I know.

What I can’t figure out how is how to select a non-text segment from the PDF and drag-and-drop it to my own file. How do I isolate and capture a picture? I’m going nuts.

Thank you.

Most PDFs embed images so that you can’t drag them out, and the PDFKit (which is what Scrivener uses for showing PDF files, and which is also the basis of only allows the basic copying and pasting of text. So the best way would probably just be to take a screen grab of the image (e.g. cmd-shift-4, which allows you to take a shot of part of the screen and saves the file in your ~/Desktop folder, or using or the excellent Skitch).

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I see, thank you so very much. You just saved me countless hours of head-banging (although I’m now a bit befuddled by Skitch, but that’s another story.)

Thank you

Skitch is fantastic. Just hit shift-cmd-5 in any app and Skitch gives you cross-hairs to take a screenshot with. Then you just drag from the tab at the bottom of Skitch (where it says “Drag Me”) into your text area.

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Holy cow, it works! You are so much clearer than their tutorial. I wish you could tutor my 8 year-old in math.
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Heh, well I am a trained primary school teacher…

Glad it helped!
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