How can I hide Top bar on full screen mode?

On full screen with dark background, there’s a grey bar on top of screen. Can I just hide that bar? I just want use full dark board.

You mention using full screen, but there shouldn’t be a window title bar if you’re using Full Screen, the macOS feature that is enabled with View ▸ Enter Full Screen. If you just maximise the window that’s something else, and it’s normal behaviour for there to be a title bar as well as the main Apple menu bar above that (unless you set it to auto-hide in system preferences).

I’m afraid I know about how apple’s full screen work.

But, I’m using full screen, and there is grey bar on top of the screen.

Thanks, I can see it now. I had to make a board that was larger than the screen, as it looks normal for smaller or empty boards. This is not intentional, it is a bug that will be fixed.


I’m a professional writer, and I’ve been using Scapple almost daily since it launched. I passionately love the app, but I really miss the full screen mode. Is there any news on this?

I’m talking about the title bar at the top of the screen. Since Catalina (maybe?), there hasn’t been an option to hide it completely. At first, it’s hidden, but when changing zoom levels or creating larger boards, the colored bar always appears. Sometimes, the bar is not colored but using the same background pattern, but with different resolution (or zoom level?).

Additionally, when using a textured pattern as a background, it’s constantly jumping around when I move the notes. Redrawing itself, I guess?

All this erratic behavior is pretty distracting to me. I know this is all because of some changes Apple made, not you. Still, Scapple seems to be the only app behaving this way.

Is there any hope to get this fixed?

The title bar hides in full screen mode for me. (Sonoma.) Please make sure you have the latest versions of both Scapple and Mac OS.

If you’re referring to a “phantom” title bar, just a dark or light grey background area at the top, this has been a filed bug for some time, along with other issues the title bar style Scapple uses (which is indeed an unusual design choice, probably why you don’t see much of it), such as suppressing window tabs, and causing a strange “flicker” effect of the title bar coming and going, when changing the window size under some conditions.

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Thank you for this information. So we just have to learn to love this bug, right? I’ll do my best.

Do you have any information on this other problem I mentioned? The background pattern jumping when moving notes?

Here’s a screen capture if that helps.

Macbook Air M1, Sonoma 14.4.1 , Scapple 1.4.2. (8459)

Well hopefully it gets fixed at some point, but there is some debate over whether to stick with this type of window title bar or not, so I can’t say for sure. All I do know is that the bar doesn’t seem like something we have any control over.

As for the video link, I don’t seem to have access to that, or maybe I need a Google account. I’ve updated your account status so you can embed images and videos to your posts though, so if it is small enough you can drag the video into the response area to attach it, or click the upload button (looks like an arrow pointing up, in the toolbar).

But could you describe the circumstances where it occurs? I don’t see any jumping around in my testing, save for one understandable condition: when adding notes left or upward of the top left area. Since that is where Scapple measures everything from, adding material in that direction requires redefining where 0,0 is, and that moves the texture’s origin point as well.

You might also check the beta version to see if there is any difference in behaviour. We haven’t changed anything directly related to that, but it is a near complete rewrite in Swift, so who’s to say! It does also fix a number of other bugs, and there is nothing major on the known-issues list at this time, so it’s not a bad replacement for the official stable version.

Thank you for the quick response. It seems that I’m still not allowed to embed videos here (I tried .mov and .zip). Is there any other way to send it to you?

This thing happens with every Scapple board, with all different patterns, and it started many years ago. The same goes for my iMac (2017 Ventura). No exceptions.

I woke up my old MacBook Pro (2011 High Sierra / Scapple 1.3 (12)) and everything works just fine. I think this started maybe at the same time as the phantom bar thing. Probably Catalina (?).

Unfortunately the beta version doesn’t seem to solve this problem.

Of course, I can always just use a solid color background, but I love my corkboards. There are bigger problems in the world, I know, but writing habits are hard to break.

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Thanks, I got the video you sent to support. That helps a lot.

I will play with these types of note movements that you demonstrated, and put together a report for the developer. The first movement, up and to the left, is expected to shift everything because of what I described about the 0,0 origin moving. But the others, where it shifts while moving things around further to the right and down, definitely should be avoided if we can.

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