How can I install and use it?

I usually use Microsoft Word for writing and it is too difficult to find the errors in grammar usage in MS word. Hopefully, I think this software is better than Word for editing and writing with perfect grammar. I have no idea about how this resource works for academic writing. But, got great comments when asked many users. I would like to know whether the duplicate copy of this software will work better on windows or do I require the original one?

I am for the first time and no idea to use Scrivener. I need a good guide to install and run.

Thank you in advance.

Scrivener does not do grammar checking. Some applications, such as Word, have grammar checking features. And there are specialized grammar checking applications and web sites. Whether such grammar checking works well enough or proves useful enough to bother with is something each person has to decide for themselves. They probably provide some value, but don’t believe all their claims.

As far as how to obtain and install the full featured time limited evaluation version of Scrivener for Windows or OS X (Mac), see
Give it a try and see if it meets your wants and needs.
If it does, return to the site and purchase a license number, which you can then enter into the evaluation version to unlock it for continued use. Scrivener can also be purchased through various other online stores (Apple, Amazon, …).

There are materials regarding getting started with and using Scrivener available on the Literature and Latte site itself (videos) (documentation in PDF form)
And knowledgebase articles regarding some topics and issues
And of course this forum.

There are various Scrivener related vidoes available on YouTube.
There are books (both paper and e-book) regarding Scrivener available via Amazon or other online or physical book stores.
There are numerous reviews and articles regarding Scrivener on the Internet.

I hope the above is of some assistance.

Definitely you are right. I am grateful for your assistance. Thank you for offering such a detailed help.