How can I make a typeface stick (as a default)?

Please understand: I’m using Scrivener for Windows, not Mac. (Many of the answers on the Windows forum seem to refer to that other operating system):

I am not a fan of the “New Courier” typeface. Old Courier, okay. But not Microsoft’s iteration of it. I am a fan of what’s called “AmerType MD BT” and “Bell MT”, probably because I am very old and still remember my Selectric and I was a newspaperman. I find I can set the typeface for a project to AmerType, and it shows elegantly in that project, but I cannot cause it to be the default for all my projects, even though the Scrivener user manual would seem to say otherwise. (Documents…Convert…Formatting to default text style.) Is there a way out of this minor, but vexing for me, dilemma? --Fred Powledge

Ah, I learned how to touch-type on an 800 pound (or whatever) Selectric. :slight_smile: They don’t make them like that any more.

Anyway, try the Tools menu, “Options…”, and click on the Editor tab in there. You’ll find a little editor where you can use the provided formatting tools to set up the default look. This is what the Formatting to Default Text Style menu command uses, and it is what will be used to set up all new documents in all projects.

I found this a bit confusing at first also
CLICK the italicized pale blue A to get to your font