How can I move or copy Scrivener text files to Obsidian?

I ended up taking a ton of notes on a specific research topic in Scrivener. Rather unplanned. Had I thought about it, I would have taken them in Obsidian. These notes are all currently files in my “Research” binder. I would really like to export these notes to a folder readable by Obsidian. The goal is to be able to work further with these notes once they are in Obsidian. I want to connect them to other notes and topics I have there. I won’t need to return them to Scrivener. Is there a simple way to achieve this? (If it can be done in some other way than through export that will be fine too.)

What didn’t happen when you tried “Export”? I just did a test by selecting a couple of files in the Research Folder, then Menu → File → Export and given the possibility of a number of formats to export as. Are none of these appropriate to import Obsidian?

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Export as Markdown and add the files to any folder in Obsidian (or drop them into the Finder where you store your vault and Obsidian will find and index the files for you).

Enjoy the speed and simplicity of having your files load everywhere and being able to edit them with countless different apps (if you feel the need) and even open them on multiple devices at the same time. Dah fucha it’s now, catz. :scream_cat:

Well, I now realize what I did wrong. An embarrassingly simple mistake. I blush.

Thank you. exactly. I seem just to have forgotten how to do it for a moment. Embarrassing.

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