How can I play 2002 on my new Mac OX S comptuer? why does it say "Does not support live script"?

I have asked this question fifteen times before, I will try again…I have a new Computer Mac OS X. When I try to play the 2002 For Life Game… Up comes a message saying …Does not support Live Script…Is there some browser or some thing I need to manually install or will Java support this problem. Java comes installed already with the Mac OS X I love playing this Year and now I can not play it at all. I Had no problem when I had my HP Computer. Can some one out there please help me? I’ll be patiently waiting. KL

Why are you asking this in a Scrivener forum? Why not contact the game developer instead? They can probably answer.

I’ve moved this thread to the general software discussion board. I would say though, you would probably have much better luck asking on whatever forum or support avenue Word Racer provides, than here.

Is there a word for when someone / a bot posts something unrelated (or super vague) to a forum for the purposes of establishing an account to then use later for nefarious purposes? Whatever the industry term might be, the original post looks like one of those.

Candidates for the term:
Trojan Horse is already taken
Astroturfing likewise
Matryoshka doll surprise? (Really rolls of the tongue, doesn’t it?)
Chest-burster? (Awfully graphic, very specific to Alien™ )
Dodo egging?
Jack in the Box…ing?

I’ve often wished there was an option for this when I’ve seen a post that looks like a prelude to spamming. I’ve sometimes reported them with “Other” and entered an explanation.

But as, even though the box to get feedback on my reports is ticked, I have never, ever, got anything … ;)


You know, I did not even know there was such a checkbox. I’ve always figured that any comments we made were only seen by moderators, so we’ve never really used it! Good to know.

I don’t know a word for this either. Just wanted to point out that spambots can have bugs, too. Sometimes they just forget to include the link they were supposed to hide in the offtopic-but-harmless post. Or they include it in a way that the forum filters out, because they were assuming a different type of forum software.¯_(ツ)_/¯

A spam bot with bad memory? :smiley:

Well I haven’t played WR in maybe eight years… but Yahoo has long discontinued their Java games so it should not be possible from the server side anymore.

I think the OP is living in a universe that is several years behind us, though. After all they just got a brand new Computer Mac OS X.

I think the issue is that, according to the topic title, they have the obscure Mac OX S. “Mac OX: We’re bullish on computers!”

Why aren’t bot-created threads just deleted by the mods? Decluttering is good, no? (Better for forum searches.)


They usually are, unless something amusing or incidentally informative comes from it. For example there were some bots using Reddit re-posts of actual Scrivener questions, which would sometimes end up with good advice being given. These accounts would usually edit a link into the profile’s signature after a week or two, to get around blocks on posts being incapable of editing after several minutes.

Technically speaking, it is still Mac OS X, which is the Mac OS based on UNIX, the X referring to the X-windows graphical API. The latest iteration is Big Sur, but at it’s “core” it is still a UNIX system.

Both “Mac OS X” and “macOS” are branding names, not statements about the underlying technology (save for being available exclusively to Macs). As for what the “X” stands for, it is the roman numeral for 10, which is the version of Mac OS that we have been using since 2001 (Mac OS 9 being the last version of the previous system). Mac OS X was not UNIX certified until several years later, and was before that point referred to as a UNIX-like.

Since macOS 11 (or “Big Sur” if you wish to use the marketing term) is obviously no longer version 10, it makes no sense to refer to it as “Mac OS 10”. This confusion probably stems from how they really liked the whole “X” thing as an image for the platform, so they stuck with version 10 for what has arguably been far too long, marketing minor point increments as major OS upgrades instead. They’ve finally ditched that legacy, and I expect we’ll be seeing more frequent major number increments from now on, like it was back in the ’80s and ’90s with System and eventually Mac OS (also branding names).

Secondly, while earlier versions of OS X did ship with an X11 implementation, it has been a long time since it was an included part of the system, and it would have never have been accurate to say that the X windowing system was core to the GUI most people consider to be “a Mac”. It was a wholly separate environment that you booted up, as another entry in the Dock, which could run POSIX compliant software compiled for the darwin kernel that used X11 dependencies. For example, you could run Gimp in X11 until it was fully ported to Quartz (which is the actual core display API, based on PDF and entirely unlike X11, which sits beneath Cocoa/Aqua, which are both the windowing layer and the development API that is descendant from OpenStep/NeXTSTEP).

This was not an altogether pleasant experience, and quite like running Windows 10 software through a VM that supports intermingling of windows with native Mac windows. When you used an X11 program, you entered another universe of keyboard shortcuts, mouse behaviour (where even the pointer graphic changed) and overall graphical design, text rendering, etc. Integration between the two was about as substantial as VMs running Windows software, as well. Copy and paste might work, so might also drag and drop, but don’t expect an X11 or Windows program to have any integration with Mac automation tools, services, sharing systems, print drivers and so forth.