How can I save project from iPad and open in Scrivener Windows

How can I save my scrivener project from my iPad and open in Scrivener Windows? I cannot file in the iPad version were I can backup or export the entire project.

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There are a few ways to do this, depending on what you want to accomplish.

If you want to transition to the the Windows version for the project, instead of jumping back and forth between Windows and iPad to work on it, then go to your list of projects, tap Edit, select the project, and tap the upload icon (on my iphone, that’s in the footer area; it’s a square with an arrow coming out of it, pointing up). It’ll create a .zip archive and present you with options to transfer that copy using whatever services are available on your phone for sharing.

If you want to synchronize both ways, you can get a account, set that up on both your computer and in iOS Scrivener, and then move the project to the “Dropbox” section from the “ON MY IPHONE” section, following the guidelines outlined in the tutorial, in the section titled “Syncing”.

You can also copy projects directly into and out of iPad with iTunes’ file sharing section (or any third-party utility that lets you manage the files on your iPad), which might be easier than the share option that would require another intermediate service in most cases (like email).

I have a project on my ipad that i would like to work on from my windows scrivener. I have dropbox on both ipad and pc. I don’t see how to export or even upload my project from the ipad to dropbox. Any ideas?

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There are some basic setup instructions located within the tutorial on your iPad, in the section called “Syncing” within the Draft folder. If that’s not detailed enough, there is a mammoth guide in the knowledge base that should cover just about any question you might have.