How can I search in the Binder

I know how to CNTRL & F to find anything in what I’ve written…

But how can I search only in the Binder area to find research I need?


If what you want is to search by title (one of the few things that shows in the binder), then use the toolbar search; you can change the search settings there, which are separate from CTRL-f searches. More on the toolbar search feature is in step 12 of the interactive tutorial project (you can create a copy of that project using the Help->Interactive Tutorial).

I dont follow you…

Say on a page in research I have used the word - platypus…how can I search that Binder page for that term…


Sorry, I shouldn’t stick my nose in when I don’t have time to be coherent… :unamused:

To compound the trouble with my “help”, we’re using different definitions of “binder”. To me, the binder is the left-most column of your typical Scrivener window layout, which just lists the titles of each document in your project. What you’re asking for, I take it, is how to search throughout the entire project for words found in documents anywhere in that project.

With that in mind, you want to go to the search box in the toolbar. By clicking on the magnifying glass icon therein, you can change the focus of the search. The results of the search will change the binder view, showing a flat list of all documents that match your search terms, and the terms themselves will be highlighted if they are found in the main text of the documents.

The Interactive Tutorial is a good guide on how to interact with this very powerful search feature, so I suggest you create such a Tutorial (via the Help menu) and work through it as you find time to do so. You can skip straight to section 12, which covers the search tool and guides you through how to customize the search and get back to the normal binder view. Or you can just search for “Project Search” in the manual (also under Help), if you prefer.

Ah…muchly appreciated there rdale!

Never noted the mag glass down arrow that will let me search the Binder area with all my research too…

thanks lad!