How can I write UNDER a table

Hi everyone, I’m going crazy for this one. The problem is really simple, I have this layout

blablbla some more blablabla


x | x

So, some text and under the text a table. Now, how can I keep on writing UNDER the table? The area under the table is not clickable, if I press enter at the end of the table I just make the last row bigger.
What’s the solution?
To be precise that’s what happen if I click enter at the end of the table:

I’ve always understood that this is one of the “features” of Apple’s TextKit, which Scrivener uses. The best work around is to create the line below the proposed table by using return to create blank line(s) and the move your cursor up to the line where you want to create the table.

It’s the same when you need to create a list; make a blank line below before you start making the list.


And in Mail - before pasting something in from somewhere else, create two dots (or something) … and then paste. If you then move beyond the two dots, your typing doesn’t pick up the formatting of the pasted stuff.

Another trick is to remember that Scrivener is an editor that works with snippets of text with ease. If you have a table at the very bottom of a file and can’t get text “under” the table, then simply create a new file, type in the stuff you wanted to type, then select both documents in the binder and use Documents/Merge to turn them into one file.

Now if you’re like me, you put tables in their own file anyway, with a special icon and label denoting their status, and now you get a searchable list of tables whenever you want—and you never have to mess with them being in among otherwise ordinary text. :wink:

In my days in daily journalism, I met many people who tried to write under a table. It required a certain nimbleness and agility which many of them lacked (especially on a Friday night). 8)

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: