How can one add clickable links?

How can one add clickable links? Or make links clickable?

For example, when I copy a bunch of links and paste them to Scrivener they do not open the web pages they lead to, they are not clickable.

Highlight the text you want to turn into a link, then click EDIT at the top. From the drop down box, click LINK… A smaller box will appear where you then add the URL you want to link to. Make sure that ‘Web’ is selected on the box where you type in the URL.

Thank you very much!

Sorry for being so imprecise, yes, adding / turning a single link to a clickable one works by just dragging it to Scrivener. I meant, how could I turn more than one link to clickable ones, so, I add 30 links to Scrivener (for example being copied from Firefox, Notepad++, etc.) and want to make them clickable in a single process.

Thanks again

If I highlight text in a web page (from Firefox), do a copy, and then paste it into Scrivener, then any embedded links are pasted in along with the text. Does this not happen with you? I only lose the links if I do ‘Paste and Match Style’.

Ah, yes, it depends on where / how you copied the links from. When I copy bookmarks from Firefox (e.g. from its library) the links are added and clickable, but they are added not separated, these links copied

are added like this:

or (pressing CTRL+SHIFT+V) like this (not very clearly arranged):

These are not clickable. I would like to have them among each other, sorted.

And when I copy links form e.g. Notepad (++) they never are clickable.

Yes, the same here.

Hi Fant –

What you’re seeing are the two clipboards that are generated when we copy links selectively from Firefox’s Library. They look nothing like the Library grid itself. The HTML clipboard contains the Name field only, with live links and no line breaks, just spacing to separate. The text clipboard contains the links alone, separated by line breaks.

Scrivener effectively gives you the choice of which of these clipboards to use, but is not going to conjure up any different view. But you can definitely create different views and clipboards on the Firefox side.

Best place to start is Export Bookmarks to HTML on the Import and Backup menu within the Library. That’ll generate an HTML file. You can click on that file to view it in the browser, and from there copy out the bookmarks you need, which will include the name and description, line breaks and clickable links, all of which will be brought into Scrivener on paste.

Other Bookmark views and clipboards can be generated via Firefox scripts and scriptlets, and Scrivener will likewise work from these on paste to generate reasonably faithful rich text. So if the export view is unsatisfactory, finding the right bookmark-related scripts or extensions in Firefox will be a better shot than seeking algorithmic creativity in Scrivener.

Good Luck – Jerome

Hello Jerome,

When there is a space, a single space after each link I could use “Search and Replace” to replace each such space with a line break to get them among each other, but it appears one cannot add such a line break into the “Replace” field (if I knew what it looks like at all).

Alright, yes exporting from Firefox works, good idea, thank you, it might get a bit circumstantially doing it often. But I see, just adding some clickable (source code, so just the paths) links in one step to Scrivener does not work.

Yes, there are a many add ons for Firefox, it is not only Firefox I want have the links from in Scrivener, but also from programs like Notepadd(++), Open/LibreOffice and many more. Ah, just tried, that might be a good way: I can copy the links to e.g. LibreOffice and then just copy the clickable links to Scrivener and they seem to stay clickable.

Yes, very good luck I really need. Many thanks again

Fant, what you’re looking for would actually be a good thing for Scrivener to add some day: a capability on the context and Format > Convert menus to make selected URIs clickable.

Scrivener Team, hope you’ll consider. :slight_smile:
Rgds – Jerome

Yes, indeed, that would be great.

Many thanks, Jerome