How can one open more than one project with a single click or two?

How can one open more than one project with a single click or two?

E.g. how could one open 10 projects in a single step instead of opening each one by one?

Hi Biff,

Here’s the only suggestion I can think of. (I’m on the beta so can’t test it, because the beta launches with an expiry message that might screw this up.)

Using Windows Explorer, copy the .scrivx file for one of your projects and paste shortcut into a new empty folder. Repeat for a few other of your projects. Be sure not to paste. The idea is when you’re done you’ll have a folder full of Windows shortcuts to .scrivx files, not copies of .scrivx files.

When you’re done, Ctrl-A select all the shortcuts in your new folder and press Enter.

If all the projects are opened, then it works. If they’re not, then maybe someone else will come along with a better idea. :slight_smile:


Hello Jim,

Many thanks!

Unbelievable, that is what I had tried before (without pressing ENTER but clicking"open" in the context menu after selecting all shortcuts). Only one project then opens (instead of all seven of the shortcuts being in the folder). I just tried again with ENTER, the same happened, one project opened.

Thank you very much again!

In Options/General/Startup (I’m on the beta, it might be in a different location on the 1.9x release) if you have “Reopen projects that were open on quit” selected, then this becomes easy – assuming you have a fixed set of projects that you’re wanting to open.

Make sure all the projects you want to open simultaneously are opened in Scrivener, then select Exit. After they all save and create backups, Scrivener closes out. Now, the next time you open Scrivener, all of those same projects will automatically re-open.

This isn’t any good if you’re trying to open a different set of projects every time – as far as I know, there’s no way to do that without Scrivener being modified to expect and handle a list of projects being passed to it on open.

Cannot / couldn’t) get that working.

Yes, it already was checked:

Select “Exit” for each single instance / project, I assume (not a single click on exit for all of the projeckts to close). The option (create backups on exit) is not activated (takes too much time creating them):

When I tried it before posting last, Exit closed all of my projects simultaneously. As far as I know, that’s the only way to get Scrivener to open multiple projects on launch – is for them to all be open when you close it.

Ah, sorry, indeed, “Exit” closes all instances / projects, never had used it beofore, never would have thought it would do that. And yes, after all of the projects start again. Great.

Many thanks!