How can spellcheck's red dots be made bolder?

Spellcheck puts red dots or red waves under misspelled words, but they are quite faint on my setup with Scrivener v3. Can they be made bolder in appearance?

You have already seen the “dots or waves” option, but you can also change the color of the dots or waves here the in Options->Appearance->Textual Marks->Colors:
[attachment=0]Screenshot 2021-03-26 152518.png[/attachment]

Oh, I missed that option. Thanks, Jestar, for pointing that option out! After reading your post, I tried it out. But it seems that the color isn’t the problem for me. It seems that the dots or waves are too weak or frail, so to speak. If I boldface the text, then the dots or waves are OK; perhaps I would prefer a teeny bit stronger, but it’s quite usable. But if the text isn’t boldface, I find it hard to see the dots or waves. I don’t have a problem with this on Scrivener 1.x.

I use the Dark Theme, and being completely colorblind, the red underline on a dark grey background just didn’t work for me at all - I could barely see it.

I changed it from “dots” to “waves”, and changed the colour as mentioned above (to bright yellow, in my case). It’s visible enough now although I do use dual 27" monitors.

But yeah, it might be nice to have some bold styles to choose from, for those of us who require a bit more “in your face” underlining.

I use another piece of writing software and also have red dots there for errors, but their red dots are bigger.
They also have the option to change the text colour, so I have fat red dots and red text when I make a spelling error. Much more visible. :mrgreen:
That’s a feature I would like in Scrivener too, please?

Making the dots and waves larger so they are more visible would be great.

Over on ‘Wish List’ would be a good place to put these suggestions.

In version 3.0.1 , I find that the waves underneath misspelled words are darker than before, and are now quite visible. Thanks L&L!

Is it possible to change the intensity of the underline in the text?

I use wave style and red color and still it is not enough for me to see my mistake. I must zoom very hard to see that something is underlined.