How could I add a shortcut to show the favorites?

How could I add a shortcut to show the favorites or open that window in another manner?

I don’t think you can add favourites to the toolbars, but you can access your favourites fairly quickly by clicking on the icon next to the document’s title in the header, and choosing Go to. Your favourites will be displayed at the top.

Yes, well, well, a shortcut would be enough / great.

Yes, indeed, or clicking the “Documents” menu, but I “hate” clicking through menus all the time, that’s - among other things - I would like to have a shortcut.

I agree! But unfortunately Scrivener does not provide a keyboard shortcut. In case you haven’t discovered it yet, you can check out the shortcuts by clicking Tools-options and choosing keyboard. This will give you a customisable list of keyboard shortcuts but sadly favourites isn’t one of them. Seems a bit of an oversight seeing as the whole point of favourites is to be able to access them quickly. Perhaps you could add it to the ‘wish list’ forum?

Yes, I had done it.

Yes, indeed, very odd, no shortcut to the favorites, actually I cannot believe it.

The wish list…well…alright…well…

Favorites will be getting quite a bit more love in the future, no worries. It was a bit of an out of the way feature in the past, hence its relative lack of accessibility. Also, we do try and make sure menu accelerators work well, and in this case it is Alt-d,f,m to open the panel from the keyboard.

Alright, so no worries anymore, some more love sounds quite great.

Nice to hear, Amber. Incidentally, whilst I’ve got access to a Scrivener top bod, any chance you could take a look at my little layouts problem posted a few items below this one (Mrs Tiggy-Winkle Jan 13)? It’s driving me nuts! :slight_smile: