How could I assign a shortcut to open / close the favorites window?

How could I assign a shortcut to open / close the favorites window?

Could you explain what you mean by the Favourites window, please? (As far as I know, the only feature called Favourites is for identifying favourite projects, and that’s a menu item, not a window).

Do you mean the Bookmarks window, where you identify certain documents for easy access?

If so, you invoke it with shift-alt-meta-b (meta may be the Win key on your keyboard) and you dismiss it with alt-f4 (close window), or alt-space-c. As most of the windows raised by Scrivener are normal Windows windows. these shortcuts should work to close any of them.

If I’ve misunderstood what you mean, apologies…

Thank you very much!

Very sorry for my bad expression.

I mean this:

When one opens Scrivener one each time has to open it again, that is very annoying, so a shortcut would be very good.

No, it’s completely my fault. I assumed you were using the new Beta V3, rather than the current Windows release – sorry! The Beta doesn’t have that menu item (it’s actually in the Bookmarks dialogue I showed you).

I don’t have a copy of the current version around, so I can only suggest these possibilities:

a) If you look in Tools > Options, there should be a item called ‘Keyboard’ or something similar. If it is possible to assign a shortcut to the Favourites menu, then that’s where it will be. But (unlike on the Mac), that possibility has to be hard coded into Scrivener, so if a particular feature isn’t in the Keyboard list, you can’t give it a shortcut.

So if Favourites Manager isn’t in the list of features, that means you’re left with…

b) using the standard Windows shortcut method: alt+letter keys to bring up the normal menu, using the underlined letters in each command. In this case, judging from your screen shot, it would be alt-d-f-m to bring up the Favourites Manager.

You can dismiss the window in the normal way as I outlined it in my first post: either alt-f4 or alt-space-c.

Sorry for the confusion I caused…

Yes, I had search there already with that search option, nothing there.

Thank you. Some letters to remember but the best one can do, I guess.

Yes, thank you, ALT+F4 only works if the focus is on the favorites window. ALT+Space is already used for another shortcut so I do not know it the focus on that window is needed.

No no, no reason to say sorry, many thanks for your great help!

Ah, I see… Oh well.

On the Mac these things are usually toggles, so you just have to repeat the command. Sorry, I don’t think I’ve got anything else to suggest…

Yes, very strange that there is no way to use a shortcut for the favorites.

Many thanks for the tries!