How could I copy and paste a clickable link to the editor?

When I drag and drop a link from the address bar of Firefox to the editor that link is clickable, so I can click it and the page is shown in Firefox. When I copy and paste a link (or more) it is not clickable. How could I copy and paste a clickable link to the editor?

Do Edit > Link, then paste into the field there. Make sure the Web button is selected, and click OK. There are occasional problems with text formatting after this kind of insertion, so I find it good to have some text already existing (even just a new paragraph) past the point where I insert the link. Note also that there’s a keyboard shortcut (displayed in the menu when you do Edit > Link).

Many thanks, David,

Sorry, I should have mentioned that it should be done more conveniently / faster. Just to copy & paste would be good. It seems to be quite circumstally to do it vía the menu.

I cannot find a shortcut being assigned to that function (in the menu or else) and assigning one does not work:

So I guess there is no other way.

Many thanks again

I know that some programs automatically format URLs as clickable links, which is certainly convenient, except on those few occasions when you only want the text, not a link (and, in forums for other software, I have seen people complain about that!). Perhaps that will come in a future version of Scrivener, but for now, it’s only through the dialog.

As to the keyboard shortcut, in my version of Scrivener it is Ctrl+G followed by Ctrl+K, which simply brings up the dialog. But it’s possible that I have customized that shortcut. You probably know that in Tools > Preferences > Keyboard it is possible to create and modify keyboard shortcuts for various functions.

I guess, one could use CTRL+SHIFT+V then.

Yes, for now only with that dialog and one link at a time.

Yes, yes, but adding shortcuts there does not work here (for that function and others), they are added but they do not work.

Yes, may be in the future.

Many thanks, David