How could one automatically split a document / folder in certain places?

How could one automatically split a document / folder in certain places in a single step (not one by one)? E.g. I want to split a doc

There isn’t any automatic method once the text is in Scrivener. Ctrl-K splits the document where the cursor is.

You can automatically split text as you import it with the Import and Split command. See page 98 of the manual.

Thank you!

So I could copy the text to e.g. an Open Office Document, add “#” to each place I want Scrivener do the splitting and import it to Scrivener automatically doing the spllits at th “#”?

Yes, but if you are manually adding the # you may as well just split while you are there. It would only save you time if you do it via a find/replace or if some kind of discrete character is already there.

Yes, that is true of course.

Suppose I want to add a paragraph in the middle of a document and I want the paragraph to be in a single document. What is the best / fastest method to achieve that? I first would add the new pargraph to the place I want to have it between the two text parts, then just split the doc by pressing CTRL+K before the paragraph pressing again and after it?

Yes, or put the paragraph in its own document first, then split the document and place the paragraph doc between them in the Binder.

OK, great, thank you very much!