How could Scrivener automatically fit the width of an image to the width of the editor?

How could Scrivener automatically fit the width of an image to the width of the editor (the right part of some images are cropped / not shown and there obviously is no horizontal scroll bar)?

I believe this is a similar question. I’m using copy/paste to insert an image into a page. On Compile I want the width of all iages to be reduced to fit the page size specified in the compile. If exporting to Word or PDF in 8.5x11 with 1 inch of margin on either side, that means the images should scale down to a maximum width of 6.5 inches, in sync with the height.

This is my first time doing this kind of work where the images could be larger than page size. If I don’t find a solution within Scrivener, I’ll get a file for every image, use Irfanview to mass scale them, and then refer to them within Scrivener as linked images which will get pulled in on each compile. That will probably work better for my purposes so that I don’t need to re-copy/paste every image in the document.

I’m guessing that I’m doing this completely wrong, so suggestions on how to do it better/properly are humbly appreciated.


[EDIT]: As I think about this, I think I keep falling into the same trap as others. Scrivener is for writing, not document formatting. I think the proper approach would be to link the images as I described, whether to actual mockups or just placeholders, do a final compile at some point, and then do all layout elsewhere. I use Word and Google Docs for layout and document sharing, but appreciate Scrivener as a tool for thinking through content. Am I getting this right?