How did that happen?

I kinda… sorta… might’ve… y’know… accidentally…

Joined a professional theatre company. And I’m in the middle of my exams.
It honestly was an accident… or something along those lines.


BTW you have to take the opportunities that life provides, not sit around following ‘the normal path’ if you want to experience what it means to live (I am sure Bob U. has a long post that is worth reading somewhere). It looks to me that you are starting to live, not just survive. Keep the chin up, head down and you will be fine.

'grats again.

Ok let me guess. You walked into this place looking for some good coffee or tea. You walked into an office looking for a freshly made pot. You tripped over the rug in the entrance. Everything went into slow motion as your super instincts of super powers took over. You reached into your pocket and whipped out a pen to balance yourself with. As you fell towards the desk with the blank application folder laying open and facing you you stuck out your arm and landed your whole body weight on the tip of the pen, keeping yourself from hitting the floor. Since this balancing point was so small you had to “move” the tip around furiously in order to find the optimal balance point. As you were moving the point of this pen you managed to turn frantic scrambling into legible writing that for some unconscious reason was all your personal info and previous work history, including dates, etc. The final resting point of the pen was after a quick scare of almost falling your frantic hand gestures on the pen whipped out your signature and managed to even put the current date WITHOUT having to stop and ask someone “What is today’s date?”. After FINALLY finding the optimum balance point on the pen head, time sped back up and you managed to keep yourself from falling headlong onto the desk and put your pen back into your pocket before anyone was the wiser.

Accident? Of Course.

Happens to me all the time when my wife asks me why I spent so much at Best Buy. When I give her the confused look she pulls out bank statement and my fuzzy memory reaches back to that moment and I realize that I had walked into a Best Buy and was just looking for a Rest Room. I didin’t realize I walked out with a PS2 and a few games. I must have stumbled somewhere and used thumb to balance me on the ATM checkout machine


It was more along the lines of I went to a interactive performance of a piece of durational theatre (this was midnight to dawn) which finished with cast and audience having breakfast together.

Over breakfast I enthused about it to 1 one of the cast member, my enthusiasm and responsiveness to the piece in general was noted - the name of the performance lab I’m going to next year was dropped.

Hey presto.

Often the way you get auditioned for a piece of interactive performance, is by putting you in the position of a punter and see how you respond; so in that sense, I’ve sort of already been auditioned.

I have a rehearsal tomorrow - this very exciting.

Those of a more… academic, viewpoint than myself have said “You shouldn’t run before you’ve finished my A-levels” but as far as I’m concerned I’ll call this “future planning”. This is the kind of company I can see myself getting involved with (or starting) once I’ve finished my training, so the contacts I make over the next 2 weeks could end up being totally invaluable.

Congratulations! Very best of luck to you! :smiley: