How do I add a dynamic date to pages?

I send out beta files, and I really like to make certain I know when those files were compiled. Is there a way to add a date code to the header/footer that will show the day the file was compiled? Thanks!

In the Compile Dialog, make sure you can see the full advanced options (click the big down arrow next to the format box is they’re not shown), then choose Page Settings from the list.

In the appropriate place in the Headings or Footer fields, type <$shortdate> to add the current date (taken from your machine’s settings – in my case 28/11/2016).

<$shortdate> gives you compilation date, but you can also[*] have <$shortCreatedDate> and <$shortModifiedDate>, and have various date formats as well (<$date>, <$mediumDate>,<$time>,<$fulltime> and so on – there are loads of them).

  • Or at least you can on the Mac. I know the <$shortdate> works on Windows because I’ve just tried it, but I can’t vouch for any of the other codes, as I can’t find where the Placeholder Tags list is in Windows (it’s on the Help menu on the Mac). Hopefully <$shortdate> will be enough for your purposes… … e-and-time