How do I aidrop Scrivener files?

I originally asked this question back in November. Half the question was answered and no one has helped with the other half. I tried to ask again and a dozen people have read the question without commenting.

I’ll try again.

I want to use airdrop to send scrivener back and forth between two laptops. It seems to send a copy and not the file itself. I am saving all backups to a folder on my desk top already. Do I send the whole folder to the other computer or do I send the last saved backup. Do I do the same with notes file.

Do I then need to erase the folder or files left since they have been copied. Do I then save and send back when I am done on the other computer and erase whats left behind again?

I don’t mean to be rude, it’s frustrating to ask a question seven months ago and still not get a clear answer.

As far as I can tell you posted this question here only just recently, and I answered it not a half hour ago. There are some confusing aspects about your question which I asked for clarification on. I don’t really understand what you mean by a file being a “copy” and not the real file, etc. Anyway, I’m locking this because the question and answer is already ongoing in the other thread and there is no reason for two threads.