How do I Apply Common Styles Easily?

This is my 2nd newbie question:

I like to write in larger chunks, and within each chunk / chapter, I would like to put in headings and sub-headings (i.e. styles), so that after I export to RTF, and import it into something else like Indesign, I can actually “map” the styles over so I don’t need to manually do it one-by-one.

I’m thinking that it might be under “Inspector”, but I’ve looked in that area and didn’t manage to find it. :open_mouth:

Can someone help me on how I can put in headings and sub-headings quickly and easily like a wordprocessor (either shortcut keys and/or one-click to apply)?

P.S. I’m also looking to format the text quickly and easily with the following (which comes up very frequently in writing) - quote, numbered lists, bullet lists. Any help / workarounds are appreciated! :smiley:

Open the Ruler with Cmd-R, and on the left side you should see a Styles drop-down. Place the cursor in the paragraph or line you wish to alter and choose one of these to set the style. You can also make your own by changing the format manually with the text palette (Cmd-T) and then using this same menu to go to Favorites, and then add the current style. If you give it a name that already exists, it will replace the existing one after a confirmation. These are just favourites, not styles in the word-processor sense. Your entire project will not update if you change a style, they only work to apply a set of formatting rules on the current selection.

Bullets can be managed from the ruler as well, there is a separate drop-down for those. They are pretty simple (no Harvard numbering for instance) but easy enough for simple lists.