How do I attach photo to Character Sketch?

Hi, all –

First off, thanks so much for Scrivener 2.0 – what a fantastic software package!

I’m finally biting the bullet and investing more time into building out my characters. I’m now using the the Character Sketch template, but I can’t figure out how to associate a picture with it. All I see is the generic silhouette with the question mark. (Image attached.)

I’ve looked everywhere, and finally capitulated and decided to look for help. :slight_smile:

Many thanks in advance!
scrivener character sketch.jpg

Just drag the character picture into the inspector field. It will replace the dummy picture. That’s it!

Awesome. It worked! Thanks.

A couple of observations on the way this works:

  • even when I read your reply, it took me a couple of minutes to get this working. I tried dragging/dropping an inline picture from inside editor window – didn’t work. I tried dragging/dropping from Safari – didn’t work. Only then did I save an inline picture as a file, and dragged/dropped from Finder.
  • From a user experience perspective, I expected to be able to right-click the blank silhouette and find a Attach Picture… menu item, or drag and drop any picture (not necessarily a file) onto it.

Not sure how many other people have trouble with it, but maybe worth a feature request to head off other people trying what I did.

Keep up the great work, and thanks for the quick response!!!

You can also drag and drop an image directly from the binder. To get it from Safari, yes, you’d need to drop it on the desktop or some other midway point first.

I think it may be more confusing with the character templates and such because there’s a placeholder image. Generally when you just switch the synopsis view from the text to the photo, the place for the photo is black with the instructions “drag in an image file,” and I like to to think that the “file” part of that helps make it clear what you’re doing. Perhaps not, but at any rate it does at least tell you the drag part.

Is it possible to attach more than one photo to a character sketch? If not, any recommendations for how to store multiple photos? (New user here—thanks in advance for the help.)

Hi MichaelP,

You can only put one photo in the synopsis area, so that it shows up in there in the inspector and on the corkboard, but you can store as many images as you like in the Binder, grouping them under the character document to which they belong, for instance, since documents can be containers. If you then clicked on the containing document and viewed it in the corkboard, all your character images would be visible together there; you could open them individually in the editor or in Quick Reference windows while working, making them easily accessible while working on a scene even in full screen.

You could also insert the images into the document itself, either from the Binder or directly from an external source. If you’re going to be editing the images frequently, inserting them into the document as a linked image makes it easy to update them in another program and have the changes reflected when you re-open the project without any additional work on your part. In your scenario, though, it sounds more like you want relatively static images for reference, which would make this less useful.

A third option is to drop images into the Document Notes area of the inspector. But given that you’d probably shrink them a lot to fit them there and that you want a lot of images together, that would probably be less handy in this case as you’d have to scroll a lot.

It would never in a million years have occurred to me to drag the photo onto the inspector. I don’t generally use the inspector in any case. It’s quite easy now I know, but I spent ages trying to work out how to do this. Putting it in the context menu for the corkboard view of the characters would be much more straightforward.

Thanks for the helpful reply, MimeticMouton—I ended up doing both: dragging the image into the inspector that I wanted to use to represent the character and dropping the other images into the folder. But I agree that dropping an image onto the inspector isn’t really intuitive. I would’ve expected to be able to use a menu option, click it and get a choice of changing the image, etc.

The end result, of course, is that I was to do what I wanted to. Thanks again.

Glad you got something that worked!

What about this: suppose the placeholder images in the templates had some text on them along the lines of “drag your own image onto this in the Inspector”? Then you’d have the directions right there, even if you’re just looking at the cards on the Corkboard.

Just a thought.

I’m not sure I agree here - drag and drop is a pretty standard Mac option. Also, normally that area says “Drag image here”. It’s only that in the character sketch I’ve added a placeholder image. Perhaps I’ll remove the placeholder silhouette so that it is just a black area saying “Drag area here”. Note however that this is covered in both the Help file and the interactive tutorial.

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