How do I change a template icon?

I have a template in the Project Templates list that has a hideous icon attached to it. I have deleted the template from Scrivener and in the Finder change the icon of the .scrivtemplate file to a more generic icon, but when I import that template again it still displays an icon that makes the name illegible and is oversized for the Project Templates window. How can I change it?

My suggestion is to install the template on your system and then create a blank project from it. Then you can use that project as the basis of a new template which you can adjust the wording / images of to your heart’s content.

When you go click on Save As Template… you will get to a screen that lets you pick the name and category for your template as well as add a helpful description and icon. It looks a bit like this:
Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 15.47.08.png

Click on the Save Icon As File button and then go find that image on your system. This will give you an image file you can play around with of the correct dimensions to match the other templates in Scrivener. Once you are happy with the file you can then click on the button beneath the icon (shown as “Blank” in the above image), select Custom, and upload your newly edited image to use as the template icon.

Here’s the results of my own attempt:
Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 15.50.59.png

To my knowledge there is no way to change the image / description associated with a template without deleting it and starting again.
Options > Delete Selected Template

Exactly what I needed.
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