how do I change the name of the default binder?

it’s still called “tutorial.scriv”
how do I change that?

mce, hiya,
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It sounds very much as though you are still in the tutorial. The tutorial isn`t part of the actual Scricv Software package. :smiley: Quit the tutorial–red button at top. Click on Scriv icon in the dock. You should see Scrivener menu bar at top of screen>File>New Project> small window for naming new project appears: name it and press create and you should be looking at a brand new empty project page to do with as you see fit.

If you havent completed the tutorial, I strongly advise you to do so. Thats about as much help as I can give you. I hope it`s of use to you :smiley:
Take care

oh okay, well I created my new project/binder or whatever … but now how do I move all the stuff I created in the tutorial binder over?

One important thing: If you have added any important data to the Tutorial project make sure to save them (by dragging them into a new project, for example).

The tutorial gets updated when Scrivener gets updated so anything added to the Tutorial would be deleted.

I remember one guy in this forum who misunderstood the one window = one project concept of Scrivener and put weeks of work into the Tutorial project just to see it getting extinguished with the next update.

Im afraid youll have to wait until someone more competent than I comes across your post. You could try the help files in the meantime. Or try drag and drop. Anything that isn`t purely text based, will have to be put in the Research folder, Text only you can put in Draft Folder.

I must correct myself: It seems that Keith has taken care of the problem I mentioned, at least in the 1.12 Beta I’m using. The Tutorial you get your hands on is just a copy and not the original one. So no danger here anymore.

Anyway, transferring data from one project to another depends on a simple question: Does the old project contain more stuff you need in the new project than stuff you don’t need – or is it the other way round?

If you need most of it plainly copy the project (tutorial.scriv in this case, I suppose) in the Finder, give it the name you want and open it in Scrivener. At this point it is, beside from it’s name, an exact copy of the old one. Delete everything you don’t need and that’s it.

If we are talking only of a small number of files you could drag them from one project window into another.