How do I change the save location for my current project?

Can anyone tell me how to change the “save” location for my current project? I have automatic backups set up, but want to make sure my current project is being saved to my hard drive. Thanks!

Hi WriteScott. Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

The project saves where it was opened from.
If you close the project, you can then move it to anywhere you want on your computer. (In windows explorer, that is.)
So simply move it where you want it, and that’s it (do not make it a copy).
In Scrivener, the recent projects list won’t work for that project immediately afterwards though ; you’ll have to open it once through windows explorer for Scrivener to be aware of its new location.

You need to move the whole project’s folder. Whatevertheprojectname.scriv

then double-click the scrivx file inside it :

On the other hand, if all you want is to locate it, use this :


Like in almost all softwares, you have a confirmation of the project having been properly saved if there isn’t a * right after the name of the said project, top left of Scrivener.

Thanks! I don’t know if this was removed in a recent update, but I don’t have the option to “show project in File Explorer” in “Files.” I’ve searched the menu and the manual and don’t see that option anywhere.

That is a feature in Scrivener 3. My bad.
Whether or not it is present somewhere in V1, been too long, I can’t tell.

If you don’t know where a v1 project is stored, enable Tools > Options > General > Show full project path in the Title Bar.

Doing so will tell you in the top title bar where the project is stored:

I like to leave this option enabled, as it makes it plainer that you’re actually working on what you think you’re working on. :innocent:


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Thanks so much for the responses! I’ll see if this will work for me and let you know.

That did the trick Jim! Thanks to everyone for their help. Great community!