How do I change the text of the page break?

I compiled my paperback via PDF with page breaks properly where they should be, however, the page break symbol/text of ‘* * *’ on the back of the pages is unpleasant, and I’d like to change it to something else, a custom symbol or just nothing at all, while still maintaining the page breaks that keep chapters started on front-facing pages.

I tried using the ‘custom’ setting of the ‘separators’ and changed all of them to either a custom symbol or nothing, and this didn’t seem to work. I am still seeing ‘* * *’ for page breaks.

Okay, we’ve had a look at this, and there may be an issue with the setting in the current stable version, but I can’t confirm that at the moment. We are unable to reproduce the problem with the latest internal builds.

At any rate, I do believe you may be looking at a different area than where this setting is located. Try the Text Layout pane, where you can simply turn this typesetting convention off with a single checkbox. It should only be placing the separator where a page break sits right across an empty line scene break, so the reader can be aware of a shift in the narrative. But if you’d rather not have that, this is where you can disable it.

I was in confused. For some reason only ‘document suffix’ showed up in that section before, or I didn’t see it. Regardless, it’s fixed. Thanks so much!

It may be you switched to RTF or another word processing format for a bit! This feature is only available to the PDF/Print outputs, since in that case Scrivener is managing the text layout. In the other cases, it is the word processor doing the layout, and so any such features would have to be done with them.