How do I close an editor window?

I managed to get two editors open, a top one and a bottom one. I only want one.
How do I close the second one? I see no menu options or right-click options to accomplish this.
I did search the forum and looked at the FAQ with no luck. This is Scrivener on Windows.

Section 14.4 of … win-a4.pdf

Hello Briar,
Look just above either of your open editor windows on the right. You will see a couple of icons enabling you to choose a split (vertical/horizontal) or just one window.

Thanks, I figured it out… the key word here was “split”…

Thank you, Shass. I was trying to help the OP. I’m on a Mac and know the Mac’s icon. Wasn’t sure if the same existed for Windows. I’m sure the OP will welcome your tip.

Briar Kit

Hello Briar,
The post was for KBlackwell, too much wine here and I put the wrong name. Sorry 'bout that.

Some people get all the luck. Drink a glass for me. :smiley:

So helpful! Thank you!