How do I complete the following \notesname LaTeX command?

Must be the turkey … perhaps I had too much … I’m likely overlooking something that is otherwise very straight forward, but I’m just not seeing how to do this …

\renewcommand{\notesname}{Notes for ???<$include:Binder Title>???

For those not familiar with LaTeX, using the above line of LaTeX, I’d like to renew the command that defines the \notesname text which appears just above the endnotes at the end of each chapter/section/subsection.

For example, if the Binder Title for the chapter is ‘The Challenge’, then what I’d like is for the label just above the endnotes at the end of the chapter ‘The Challenge’ to read as follows:

Notes for The Challenge

a. endnote a
b. endnote b

I’m likely missing something that is staring me in the face, but I don’t see it …

Thanks for any help!

I think the best way of doing this would be:

\renewcommand{\notesname}[1]{Notes for #1}

And then you can put whatever variable data you need into the arguments for the command, like:


Hi AmberV,

Thank you for the suggestion. The renewcommand syntax appears to work fine.

When I replace ‘variableStuff’ in \notesname{variableStuff} with <$include:Binder Title> however, nothing appears after the term ‘Notes for …’. The space after ‘Notes for …’ is blank.

After some checking, I was not able to find a Scrivener variable to use to represent whatever the relevant ‘Binder Title’ may be.

I also could not find a variable representing the Binder Title in the List of Place Holders … either, but I may have missed something.

Is there a Scrivener variable that represents the relevant Binder Title?

Thank you for all your help,

P.S. I have other reasons to know if there is a variable for Binder Title. I’d like to include the Binder Title variable in the page header or footer. Several of my chapters, sections and subsections go on for pages and pages due to the nature of the discussion, and I’d like to let the reader know where they are within the document. Thanks again.

Are you saying you want to include the title of an item as a variable? If so you don’t want to use <$include> as that is for injecting the content, as we covered in another thread. The <$title>, hyperlinked to the item it should extract the title from, is what you want to print the name of something somewhere.

As for your postscript, you should download the Memoir class documentation if you’re still using that class. If not, you’ll have to look up page header/footer in whatever class you are using instead.

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Using the <$title> Placeholder Worked!!!

I don’t know why I did not notice this earlier in the List of All Placeholders …. I need to read through the List more carefully!

Very nice to know … I have a number of places I can use the <$title> Placeholder !

As for the postscript, where can I find the Memoir class documentation to download ?

Thank you!!

Three resources I would never do without:

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