How do I contact customer service?

Hi, I recently placed an order for the wrong version. I mistakenly ordered the Mac version, but need the Windows version. I have tried contacting customer service by email, but both emails have failed to be delivered. I can’t find any other way to reach customer service. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for any help.


Hello Jason, and welcome to the forum.

Since the email options didn’t work, please use either the form on our contact us page to submit a help request.

Hello, thank you.
I tried using that form twice and both times I have received an email saying my email could not be delivered.

Did you also directly email the email address and have it get bounced back?

I checked the help queue but do not see any messages from you, so we’re not getting them for some reason.

Do you have another email account you might try using? I ask in case this service provider’s security settings are preventing the messages from being sent at all.

Thank you! I tried emailing directly to the email you provided and it appeared to work.

I see it in the queue, so all is well. Our Sales & Fulfillment team will pick it up and assist you.

Hello Gotk
I have the same problem. I would like to know, what happend with your case. Because today I bought the wrong version from MacOs but I need the Windows version.
I want to get hopeness

We do not address licensing or purchase issues via the users forum because it is a public space.

Have you submitted a request for assistance to the email address?

If you have not, please submit an email asking for assistance with an incorrect purchase. That will get your request into the Sales & Fulfillment queue.

You should get an auto-reply fairly quickly, which is how you will know that your request was received. If you do not see that auto-reply, please check your spam folder.