How do I convert Word documents for Scrivener?

Hi Everyone,
I’m a writer intending to self-publish my work and just bought Scrivener and viewed one of the longer tutorials. I’m so impressed with this program that I’m wondering how I ever got along before without it :smiley: .

I do have one question that I couldn’t find in the forums or elsewhere. I still have a lot of writing projects in Word that I want to convert to Scrivener and start working on them with Scrivener. Can I do this? How do I do it? Also, what kind of formatting issues might I encounter? For example, I have one novel that I’d like to revise using Scrivener - it’s one long document with sections rather than chapters with page breaks. My guess is that there is no way I’ll be able to convert the document so that each section comes out as a separate document in Scrivener - I’ll have to copy/paste each section manually in a new document, correct?

Thank you for your help!


You should look at Scrivener’s File -> Import menu, particularly the Import -> Files and the Import -> Import and Split commands.

See section 11.1 of the Scrivener (Mac) manual for more information about importing from other formats.


Thanks, Katherine. I checked out the Import option and it worked.